As participants prepare to enter this third and final "semester" of their ICP experience, it is valuable for them to gather with their whole cohort to continue processing their ICP experiences and to prepare for their mission project and capstone experience.  The Summer Workshop, usually a short 24 hour fly in/fly out experience offers presentations related to the theme of Justice, Social Justice and/or Solidarity with the poor.  It often includes opportunities for reflection and dialogue regarding how these themes impact and shape Jesuit higher education.

During this time, participants have also begun to design their mission projects, those events, programs, spaces, courses, presentations and more, that will foster the Jesuit and Catholic mission back on their home campus.  The summer workshop provides the opportunity for them to discuss these designs with one another, share insights, and prepare for their implementation.  

Every few years, Ignatian Colleague alumni are invited to attend in order to help current participants network with others from past years and cohorts.  In the summer of 2016 current and alumni gathered to do some thinking on the question, Who do our students become?  The initial PowerPoint that was generated among participants can be viewed on the Alumni Events & Happenings page.