To assure better cooperation between the one who is giving the Exercises and the exercitant, and more beneficial results for both, it is necessary to suppose that every good Christian is more ready to put a good interpretation on another’s statement than to condemn it as false. If an orthodox construction cannot be put on a proposition, the one who made it should be asked how he understands it. If he is in error, he should be corrected with all kindness (22)Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola.


Campus Coordinator Resource Guide

An ICP Campus Coordinator Resource Guide is provided to all campus coordinators to assist them in this most important role. This Resource Guide is sent to all campus coordinators in paper form and is also available online.  It contains most everything a campus coordinator needs including general and detailed program information, the monthly meeting guide, and more. If a paper version is needed, please contact the ICP office.

Campus Coordinators, usually the chief mission officer or one appointed, play a vital role in making ICP a reality and a meaningful experience for participants. They also serve as the main contact with the ICP office.  Campus Coordinators work with their university president to identify and invite potential candidates to participate in the program.  Once accepted, they meet with participants several times each semester to help them process the participants experiences and help them further appropriate the significance of them.  They also help to alert participants of upcoming events or due dates, including the preparation of one's mission project. Campus coordinators also meet with ICP alumni to provide them support and to find ways to utilize their gifts to further foster the Jesuit and Catholic mission on one's campus.  It is our hope that ICP alumni will be of great support to mission officers, their institution, and beyond.

Monthly Meetings with Ignatian Colleagues

In order for participants to fully realize the benefits of the ICP experience, they need ongoing support.  Campus Coordinators fulfill this role by meeting monthly with current participants (and two or more times per semester with ICP alumni).  A Campus Coordinator Monthly Meetings Table is provided and outlines monthly topics for potential candidates, current participants, and ICP Alumni.  During these monthly meetings, campus coordinators provide the space for participants to share their experiences, questions, concerns, insights, challenges, and to reflect on what these mean for them personally and professionally.  One might consider the role of a campus coordinator as part administrator and support person, part spiritual director, and fellow Ignatian colleague!

When meeting monthly with current ICP participants to help them review and reflect on their current experiences, campus coordinators are asked to engage current and ICP alumni in ways such as:

  1. Introducing participants to other colleagues on campus who share a deep commitment to mission and facilitate conversations.

  2. Reviewing online workshops and inquiring about their questions, insights, and videoconference conversations.

  3. Reviewing retreat and immersion choices and providing opportunities for processing them upon their return (privately and/or publicly).

  4. Facilitating sharing and dialogue between ICP participants and the local Jesuit community.

  5. Encouraging the continuation of one’s faith development such as through doing the Spiritual Exercises/19th Annotation and/or one’s desire to work for justice as appropriate.

  6. Discussing and reviewing participants mission project planning and implementation.

  7. Gathering Alumni a few times per semester for their own enrichment and encouraging and seeking opportunities to better utilize Ignatian colleagues on campus in ways that foster mission (see Supporting ICP Alumni).

While each campus coordinator will find their own style, know that your support goes a long way in helping participants make sense of their experiences and learning.  It also helps to unite all ICP alumni and strengthen their ongoing desire to foster the Jesuit and Catholic charism. 

Online Workshop Access

The online workshops provide ongoing intellectual learning opportunities for participants to more deeply understand and appropriate the Jesuit and Catholic charism of their institution. Campus Coordinators are enrolled in their own section of ICP's online workshops so they have access to the learning materials that the participants are using.  Access to the workshops can be found by logging into the ICP Directory. Coordinators have been provided their own username and password.  Contact the ICP office if you need assistance retrieving it.