When I decided to do ICP I had concerns about the workload....and, that has been challenging.  But, I must say, it was worth it all.  I just appreciate all the positive opportunities we have been given through this program.  It has been such a blessing in so many ways.  

Participation in the ICP involves a somewhat significant investment of time including travel for various events.  We are very aware that senior-level administrators and faculty have already full schedules, ICP offers flexibility and options for most every event (except Orientation).  Options include our offering more than one retreat and immersion experience, and the ability to join one of several video conference conversations that accompany the online learning modules. If one cannot attend an event with their original cohort, it may be possible to attend that event the following year. We encourage all potential candidates to discuss any concerns with the ICP office.  It has been our experience that we can often find a helpful solution.

Involvement in the Ignatian Colleagues Program involves:

  1. A four-day Orientation Experience outside of Chicago at the end of July.

  2. A series of 6 online workshops, four that are taken together at the pace of one workshop per semester (and over the ensuing summer) and two “self-paced” workshops that occur at the beginning and end of the program in preparation for the Orientation and Capstone Experiences, respectively. Each workshop involves approximately 10-12 hours of work over the course of a month. Workshops taken together involve two 75-minute teleconferences arranged well in advance with one’s learning group.

  3. A series of monthly meetings with the campus coordinator.

  4. A week-long international immersion experience to a developing country with peers.

  5. An experience of Ignatian retreat.

  6. A two-day Summer Workshop in August.

  7. A “mission-project” that involves the application of program material to a project directly related to one’s work.

  8. A four-day Capstone Experience at the end of the program at the beginning of January.

Required books for ICP Workshops:

An Ignatian Spirituality Reader, George W. Traub, SJ, Loyola Press 2008

A Jesuit Education Reader, George W. Traub, SJ, Loyola Press 2008

*Participants who, within the past 1-2 years have attended an international immerison with peers or an Ignatian 7-day silent retreat experience or similar may have fulfilled these requirements if approved by the ICP director.