Campus coordinators are asked to work with their university president to identify suitable candidates who are or will be “animators of mission” for participation in the ICP. Invitations to participate generally come from the Office of the President and should be issued early enough to allow people to attend the Orientation in July.

Recruitment of potential candidates is encouraged during the fall semester and early into the new year.  Because ICP involves a significant time commitment that includes being away from one's campus and home for several events, participants have been grateful for receiving the invitation as early as possible (fall or January/February) so that they have time to reflect on the invitation and practically navigate any professional and familial obligations they may have during the eighteen months of the program.  To get a sense of the timeline see the Campus Coordinator Monthly Meeting Table, particularly view the potential candidate column to access the live hyperlinks.

Invite Early

It is often helpful for potential candidates to know that while ICP is a significant time commitment, almost every event has alternative options that one can attend.  ICP is very aware that participants have very full schedules already.  We do all we can to provide flexibility and options to make participation possible.  The only program without an alternative option is the ICP Orientation in July.

ICP hopes to receive the names of those who have accepted the invitation to participate during the early spring (February/March) in order for them to register and schedule a Welcome Call with the ICP executive director.  ICP will do all it can to accommodate potential candidates who are invited later in the spring.

The links below provide information about general requirements, specific dates, costs, and rosters of past participants.

     Schedule Cohort 12


Once your candidate(s) have accepted your invitation, please send their contact information directly to the ICP office.

 Initial Meetings

Guidelines for a campus coordinator's initial meetings with potential and new candidates who are considering ICP during this "Pre-Semester" phase, can be found here: Pre-Semester: January - May: Invitation, Acceptance and Registration.