The ICP is made up of several integrated components designed to establish ongoing conversations through a menu of online learning opportunities, an international immersion experience, an Ignatian retreat, summer workshop, a mission project, and a capstone experience. The program spans a period of approximately eighteen months. Every effort will be made to adapt the program to the academic and professional experiences and needs of each participant under the direction of one's local campus coordinator who will serve as a mentor and guide assigned by the president of each school. Briefly, the components are:

Orientation: First Principles and Foundation.

Participants attend a four-day gathering to introduce them to each other as companions and co-workers in this shared national mission, the program and its goals, and to the intersections of Ignatian spirituality, the history of Jesuit education, and the current apostolic commitments of the Jesuits and their companions.

Online Workshops: The History & Intellectual Traditions of Jesuit Education

A series of six online workshops are presented throughout the program to facilitate ongoing learning, reflection, integration, and project planning.  Topics include: Ignatius and the first companions, Ignatian humanism and pedagogy, Ignatian theology, the Catholic Intellectual Tradition and Catholic Social Teaching, a faith that does justice, and Ignatian discernment. Several of these workshops include small group video-conference conversations. All include reflection questions for personal appropriation. In addition to videos, articles, and online podcasts, two books edited by George Traub, SJ entitled, An Ignatian Spirituality Reader and, A Jesuit Education Reader, both by Chicago: Loyola Press, are required.  See Online Learning for more information or, if you have your assigned username and password, you can access the ICP Blackboard platform directly.

International Immersion Experience: Women and Men For and With Others.

As an orientation to the commitment to justice that is at the heart of Jesuit education, participants will engage in an international immersion experience to a developing country such as Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and the US/Mexico border with peers, accompanied by preparatory discussions and follow-up analysis.  See our International Immersion page and for more information and our photo gallery for images of recent immersions.

Magis National Retreat

As a way to personally experience the spirituality that grounds Jesuit education and all the ministries of the Society of Jesus, participants attend the ICP Magis National retreat or an appropriate form of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola. Special care is taken when accommodating the needs of those from other or no faith traditions. Participants are encouraged to consult the ICP executive director and their own campus coordinator to determine a retreat option.

Summer Workshop

The Summer Workshop is intended to gather current ICP participants to help them reflect on their experiences so far in the program and to prepare them for their "final semester" of ICP.   The workshop theme explores elements of Social Justice and Solidarity from an Ignatian perspective.  Participants also discuss where they are currently regarding their Mission Project design and implementation.  During some years, ICP Alumni are invited to join current participants so that together, they may do some thinking on a current issue and help current colleagues begin networking with ICP alumni. In August 2017, the ICP summer workshop will be at Seattle University in order to participate in their conference on Social Justice.

Mission Projects

Since Ignatian spirituality is orientated toward action, the ICP necessarily includes a component that demonstrates the participant’s application of what she or he has appropriated during the program. The Mission Projects are related to one’s work in the institution and, as such, do not demand additional work of the participant, but rather more intentional integration and application of material from the Ignatian educational heritage. Each participant will plan, implement, and assess a work-related project by applying insights and understanding from the program. Instructions and requested formats for the Design and Summary can be found under Mission Projects.

Capstone Experience in Jesuit Higher Education: Finding God in All Things.

At the formal conclusion of the program, participants will gather for four days of additional learning, integration, and application of appropriated material through practical leadership challenges, actual mission cases, and the completion of a mission action plan for their work on their own campus. The Capstone is intended to help participants synthesize many of their prior ICP experiences, deepen their understanding of Ignatian discernment, and consider how they will advance the mission back on their home campuses and collaboratively among the AJCU network and beyond.