Alumni/C11 Summer Workshop

Summer Workshop: August 6-7, Chicago, Edward Hotel. During our time, our focus will be on the 4 Apostolic Priorities of the Society of Jesus and how they are (and might be going forward) at our institutions. We will have some short presentations to set the context of the Priorities, followed by time to reflect and engage in discussions about them and how we can carry them forward.

In ways like these alumni gatherings, ICP seeks to serve its alumni by offering opportunities for further learning and engagement in areas related to the Jesuit and Catholic mission of our colleges and universities.

Current ICP participants from cohort 11 will be attending this summer workshop. ICP Alumni may also be interested in attending this workshop.

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Alumni Narrative Project

ICP is seeking ICP alumni responses from all cohorts regarding the influence of one’s ICP experiences on their work, life, and understanding of the Jesuit and Catholic Mission. This information will help generate a narrative about ICP, who we have become as ICP alumni, and the Jesuit and Catholic Mission of our institutions. To give you some ideas or motivation, some Ignatian Colleagues have also shared their thoughts through short videos on our Alumni Narrative page.  Please take some time to add your reflections to this important project. Many thanks for your participation.

who do our students become? icp alumni reflect & discuss

During our ICP Alumni Workshop and Reunion (August 2016), Ignatian Colleague alumni were asked to reflect on the question, "Who do our students become?"  This theme, taken from a talk given by former Superior General of the Society of Jesus, Hans-Peter Kolvenbach SJ, titled, The Service of Faith and the Promotion of Justice in American Jesuit Higher Education (October, 2000), was parsed into related segments such as;

Who do our students become... Intellectually, holistically, vocationally, spiritually, in light of social justice, and more. In groups, Ignatian Colleagues were asked to generate some ideas.  Here is a glimpse into some of their thinking, reflections, questions, and perspectives.