The ICP online learning workshops can be understood as the thread that weaves its way throughout the duration of one's participation in the program.  Several workshops have been designed to increase participants’ understanding of areas foundational to the Jesuit and Catholic tradition of Jesuit higher education. Each workshop contains videos, readings, podcasts, case studies, and reflection questions.

Several workshops are followed by small group video-conference conversations with fellow Ignatian Colleagues where participants can further appropriate the material in light of present realities while building collaborative relationships among participants across the AJCU network.  Participants keep a journal to record their insights.   

A group of content coordinators helped design the workshops according to the JesuitNET CADE (Competency Assessment through Distributed Education) model of backwards design. This model follows an Ignatian pedagogical method.  Each workshop involves approximately 12 hours of work spread out over the course of a month and the online materials can be accessed on the ICP Directory after completing the log in information.  Themes of the online workshops include:

Ignatius the Spiritual Leader (June-July)

Learners explore some of basic details of the life of St. Ignatius Loyola as well as some of the foundational dynamics and themes of Ignatian spirituality, particularly as they may be applied to the work and leadership styles of faculty and administrators working in Jesuit higher education.

Jesuit Education: Roots and Riches of Ignatian Humanism (September) 

Participants explore the historical roots and contemporary significance of Ignatian Humanism for Jesuit higher education and its relevance for current issues such as the core curriculum.  It also explores the world view and methodology of Ignatius' Spiritual Exercises, and the development of an Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm or Ignatian Pedagogy from that worldview and method.

Ignatian Spirituality, Theology, and Jesuit Higher Education (March)

This module explores the ways in which Ignatian Spirituality serves as the foundation from which the early Jesuits drew strength not only for their own personal faith journeys, but also how it formed their worldview, vision, guiding documents, and style or "Ignatian way of proceeding." In more recent decades, there has been a re-emphasis on engaging Ignatian spirituality by both Jesuits and lay persons in the development of an Ignatian theology, a theology that is focused outward toward the world, and engages people of all cultures and faiths.

A Faith that Does Justice (prior to and post-immersion experience)

This workshop provides participants with an understanding of the historic roots and contemporary application of our Ignatian call to a “faith that does justice” and a well-educated solidarity.  Prior to the trip, the first part of this workshop provides information on topical concerns of the specific area of the world where participants will be traveling including topics like engagement with culture and interreligious dialogue.  After the trip, the second part of the workshop provides participants with an opportunity to reflect on their experience.

Catholicity and Jesuit Education: Challenges and Appreciation

Participants explore the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, Catholic Social Teaching, and themes impacting Jesuit higher education.

Ignatian Discernment to Advance the Mission

In preparation for their final gathering (Capstone) participants explore the significance of Ignatian discernment, its grounding the Spiritual Exercises, and how one might utilize this gift in both personal and communal environments.