The following table provides monthly meeting formats for campus coordinators and their ICP candidates, first and second year participants, and alumni. Use the header at the top and the appropriate month on the left sidebar to find the meeting you are looking for, then click on the link to download the meeting guideline for that month. Items without hyperlinks are general ICP events or important due dates. Coordinators should feel free to adjust the schedule and topics to accommodate the needs and schedules of the participants.

*Note: some hyperlinks go to the same document as coordinators may vary the actual month when meetings are held.  When in doubt, review the hyperlink in the month before or after your chosen one to confirm your selection.

Campus Coordinator Meeting Table


Potential Candidates

First Years

Second Years

ICP Alumni



510 Workshop launched

Magis Retreat



ICP Orientation


520 Workshop begins


Gather ICP Alumni 1-2 times per semester


Mission Project Planning     Pre- Immersion Workshop (pending one's choice)

Capstone Preparation & 560 Workshop Review     Mission Project Summary due to ICP office


Pre-Immersion Experience US/Mexico Immersion

Capstone Graduation   Capstone Follow Up


Post Immersion Workshop Nicaragua Immersion DR/Haiti Immersion

Gather ICP Alumni 1-2 times per semester


Invitation Acceptance Registration

Post-Immersion Workshop 530 Workshop Launched DR/Haiti Immersion


Registration & Welcome Call


Pre-Orientation Check In        510 Workshop Launched

Post-Retreat Meeting

Mission Project Design Due to ICP Office