ICP provides several week-long international immersion experiences designed to help foster a well-educated solidarity and an appreciation of the Jesuit commitment to a faith that does justice. The goal of the ICP immersion experience is for participants hearts to be broken open so that they might become more personally aware of those who live and struggle in our world. It is also hoped that these experiences will then permeate their thinking and reflecting as they engage the people and projects back on their home campus. Participants are asked to take on the position of witness, that is, one who, after seeing, remembers and holds these memories and people closely in one’s heart and mind, and then seeks to share these realities with others. Our Immersion Photo Gallery provides images of recent immersion experiences.

The schedules of the immersion trips are packed with several potential life changing experiences. The speakers range from political figures and religous leaders to local members of the communities who each have their unique perspective on the issues of poverty and global change.

Listen to our Immersion Coordinator and a recent ICP participant describe their immersion experiences.

Preparation for the ICP Immersion includes registration, a pre-trip video-conference with trip leaders to discuss the goals of the experience and logistics of traveling.  It also includes a self-paced online immersion workshop that includes both general and site specific reading and reflection questions.  While on site, some evenings will include time for group reflection and discussion to further process the experience. 

Upon return, a follow up video conference is led by the trip leader to offer support for re-entry.  Additionally, a post-immersion workshop provides opportunities for further reflection on one's experience.  Participants also meet with their ICP campus coordinator to share their experiences and appropriate its significance in light of the other components of the program.