Participant Frequently Asked Questions

I am concerned with the amount of time this will take, particularly the online courses. Is this going to be manageable?

There is no doubt that this program involves a somewhat significant commitment of time and energy. Recognizing that ICP participants have extremely busy schedules, the program intentionally includes options and flexibility for nearly all events (except Orientation) to make attendance and participation possible. Whenever one has a conflict with an event or meeting, simply let the ICP office know and we can discuss the options that are available.


Don't have experience with Jesuit Higher Education or mission? Listen to one participants experience.

Do I have to be Catholic to participate?

ICP benefits greatly by welcoming participants from all faith, and no faith, backgrounds.  One does not need to be a Roman Catholic or Christian to participate.  The program will engage participants in some of the Catholic and Jesuit traditions, charism, spirituality, and teachings in order for participants to better understand and then personally appropriate their significance on one’s campus.  As the foundation of the mission of our Jesuit institutions, participants are expected to attend an Ignatian retreat or similar experience in order to further one’s intellectual understanding of Ignatian spirituality and personally experience how this tradition might inform their role on campus.  Other options to deepen one’s own faith tradition can also be explored through conversation with the ICP director.

I have led a student immersion experience to El Salvador. Do I need to go on another?

Yes, unless within the past 1-2 years you have also been on a week-long international immersion experience with peers. As you can imagine, the experience of being with one’s peers is signficantly different.

I cannot make the opening Orientation event, but I really want to participate. May I somehow participate?

Unfortunately, not in the current cohort. The information that you will get and the sense of community that you will experience are foundational for a successful experience in the program. We encourage you to confer with your campus coordinator about joining the next cohort.

The thought of the technology involved in the online courses courses worry me. Am I going to be alright?

Most of our technological areas involve accessing the online learning modules and participating in our video and/or teleconference conversations.  We will do our best to help you with the technology, which we hope you will find is fairly user-friendly. We begin gently and are very patient. We also encourage you to make use of your own local technology wizards. As long as you have access to a high speed Internet connection and the appropriate basic software, you should be all set.

More Questions? Send them along to the ICP office.